About us

Unreel Media was founded in 2013 and encompass strong, experienced and innovative creative women. Their ambition is to mould the company into a world-class production house in the next ten years. Mumtaaz Mahomed-Peerbhay is a strategic and mindful creative personality - an important trait in the creative process, as it allows for the meticulous attention to detail. Sarah Chu (deceased) was a spontaneous personality and the duo (whilst very different) worked well together in creating beautiful and profound productions. After the untimely death of Sarah in 2017, Mumtaaz aims to continue the strong ethic that Unreel Media was based on and the company now collaborates with creatives of a similar nature to Sarah (not exclusively). The yin/yang dynamic is what Unreel Media was founded on, and will continue long after.

Unreel Media prides itself in working with talented women creatives and crew (not exclusively).  In a male dominated industry, women are given first preference. The company is an advocate for transformation in the industry and opposes racial, sexual and gender discrimination. Being a company with young creatives, they are proud to be “out of the box” thinkers and have at the heart of all their productions, a genuine sense of leaving the world better than they found it.

 Our Services 

We specialise in the following areas:

Format Development | Production services | Scriptwriting | Stop frame animation TV & Radio | Print | Web | Internet Streaming | Product Branding | Social media | Interactive technologies.


To be the best in the industry in conceptualizing creative content and executing that vision in the best way possible – vision becomes a reality. 

           Core competencies

Unique storytellers, whose focus and ambition are to bring you the most innovative and artistic elements of television/film that awaken your imagination.